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Portable laboratory for sample taking and on-line acceptance analysis of fuel with standard and express methods. The analysis results allow to estimate with great accuracy the fuel quality in conditions when analysis in stationary labs is not possible. The laboratory set allows to measure up 19 basic parameters of fuel quality. The test methods are as follows: Institute of Petroleum Chemistry, GOST, 25 GosNII Himmotologiyi MP RF, Joint stock company Sorbpolimer.

Technical capabilities of 2M7 lab set

Description of quality metrics Method of testing
1. Determination of gas octane number by motor and research methods method of the Institute of petroleum chemistry
2. Determination of diesel fuel cetane number method of the Institute
3. Determination of lead content in gas M 32.137-9625 GosNII MO RF method
4. Oil product density detection GOST 3900-85
5. Determination of mechanical impurities and water GOST 2084-77 Paragraph 4.4
6. Car gas color detection Visual
7. Content determination of heavy hydrocarbon GOST 2084-77 Paragraph 4.7
8. Resin content determination in gasoline method 25 of GosNII MO RF
9. Determination of liquid coolant content and freezing temperature by its density. User's manual for cooling liquid handling
10. Sampling of oil product GOST 2517-85
11. Quantitative determination of water in tank (tank-truck, tank wagon) GOST 2517-85
12. Oil product bottom sampling from tanks, and determination of settling water, and mechanical impurities. GOST 2517-85
13. Determination of water content in anti-crystallization additives. GOST 8313-88
14. Determination of anti-crystallization liquids in jet engine fuels. Method of JSC Sorbpolimer
15. Determination of undissolved water content Method of JSC Sorbpolimer
16. Determination of total water content (quantitative method) Method of JSC Sorbpolimer
17. Determination of acid electrolyte density GOST 3900-85
18. Determination of cleaning additives content in gasoline Method 25 of GosNII MO RF
19. Determination of ferrocene content in gasoline Method of JSC Sorbpolimer

 Laboratory set elements

Element measure quantity
1. Octane tester set 1
2. Sample collecting device set 1
3. Areometer ANT-2 0.670-0.750 pcs. 1
4. Areometer ANT-2 0.750-0.830 pcs. 1
5. Areometer ANT-2 0.830-0.910 pcs. 1
6. Spare batteries pcs. 4
7. Graduated cylinder 100 ml pcs. 1
8. Graduated cylinder 250 ml pcs. 1
9. Areometer AON-1 1.060-1.120 pcs. 1
10. Areometer AON-1 1.240-1.300 pcs. 1
11. Areometer AON-1 1.360-1.420 pcs. 1
12. Measuring beaker 100 ml pcs. 1
13. Water indicator paste g. 40
14. Evaporation bowl pcs. 1
15. Indicator tubes CF (yellow stripe) for detection of ferrocenes in gasoline pcs. 10
16. Indicator tubes TEL (red stripe) for detection of lead (tetraethyl lead) in gasoline pcs. 10
17. Indicator tubes WAA (no marking) for detection of fuel detergents in gasoline, water-soluble acids and alkali in light oil products pcs. 10
18. Indicator tubes ACL (black stripe) for detection of anticrystallizing agents in fuel for jet engines pcs. 10
19. Indicator tubes CW-10 (blue stripe) for detection of accumulated water in motor fuel pcs. 10
20. Indicator tubes CW-50 (orange stripe) for detection of dissolved water in anticrystallizing agents, alcohols, aldehydes and ketones pcs. 10
21. Indicator tubes UW-15 (green stripe) for detection of undissolved water in motor fuel pcs. 10
22. Plastic dropping pipette pcs. 1
23. Syringe pcs. 5
24. Hard Eminent case pcs. 1
25. Lab set documentation set 1
26. Ruler pcs. 1
27. A4 paper set 1
28. Pencil pcs. 1
29. Modeling clay g 10
30. Filter paper set 1
31. Pusher for indicator tubes pcs. 1
32. Bulb rubber syringe pcs 1
33. CITIZEN calculator pcs 1


1. The compound and freezing temperature test of the refrigerating fluid by its density
2. Express method for determination of gum content in motor petrol
3. Methods for express determination of heavy hydrocarbons content in petrol
4. Practical recommendations for fuel density determination by areometer in accordance with GOST 3900-85
5. Practical recommendations for fuel density determination by diagram method
6. Practical recommendations for electrolyte density determination
7. GOST 3900-85 Methods for determination of density
8. Methods for express determination of detergent additive content in petrol
9. D 1298 – 99e2 Standard Test Method for Density, Relative Density (Specific Gravity), or API Gravity of Crude Petroleum and Liquid Petroleum Products by Hydrometer Method
10. ASTM D4057 Standard Practice for Manual Sampling of Petroleum and Petroleum Products
11. Express determination of lead content in petrol
12. Method for determination of  ferrocene content in gasoline  (IT-CF). Certificate for IT-CF
13. Method for tetraethyl-lead determination in motor gasoline using the indicator-adsorption method (IT-TEL). Certificate for IT-TEL
14. Method for determination of qualitative definition of water-soluble acids and alkalis in light mineral oil ( IT-WAA ). Certificate for IT-WAA
15. Method for determination of anti-crystallization liquids (ACL) in jet aircraft fuels using the indicator-adsorption method (IT-ACL). Certificate for IT-ACL
16. Method for determination of water content in anti-crystallization liquids using the indicator-adsorption method (IT-CW-50). Certificate for IT-CW-50
17. Method for determination of total water in motor fuels using the indicator-adsorption method (IT-CW-10). Certificate for IT-CW-10
18. Method for determination of undissolved water in motor fuels using the indicator-adsorption method (IT-UW-15). Certificate for IT-UW-15
19. Certificate for sampling unit PPN-150
20. User manual for Octane meter
21. Technical capabilities of laboratory set 2M7
22. Laboratory set elements lay-out

Laboratory Set 2M7

This is aimed for sampling and carrying out commissioning tests of all kinds of fuels outside of laboratory. This laboratory set comprising octanemeter SX-100M, SX-100K, SX-200 or SX-300 analyzer.

All the necessary devices are packed in a special case. We offer you one of the most complete measuring sets for express-control over fuel quality in field conditions. Due to its small dimensions (case) as well as constant availability for service, the laboratory set provides the possibility of express-analysis of quality index for incoming fuel in any place and at the earliest possible date. The laboratory set is used for oil products sampling and seabed sampling of oil products from reservoirs. It also serves to determine the presence of sewage and mechanical impurities.