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Octane Tester capabilities:

  • Measurement of octane level. According ASTM D 2699-86, ASTM D 2700-86;

  • Measurement of cetane level. According ASTM D 4737-03, ASTM D 613, EN ISO 5165;

  • Measurement of freezing-point of diesel fuel and type;

  • Motor oil purity level measurement;

  • Transformer oil disruption voltage measurement;

  • Transformer oil dielectric dissipation measurement;

  • Fuel and oil dielectric conductivity measurement.

A modification of the universal fuel and oil quality analyzer Octane Tester SX-200 is intended for detection of type and measurement of octane number of gasoline, cetane number of diesel fuel, and also for estimation of diesel fuel freezing temperature, purity level, and quality of motor, industrial and transformer (dielectric puncture potential) oil.


In Octane Tester SX-200 accurate sample temperature adjustment is implemented with the use of digital thermometer. In the analyzer's memory measurement results can be stored and transferred to a PC.

Capability to make an individual measurement program (according to customer's requirements) allows to adjust the instrument to analyze the quality of any gasoline. New microprocessor is used for quick and accurate processing in analyzer. The device measures and displays octane number RON, MON and antiknock index AKI (RON+MON)/2 simultaneously. The instrument has additional 220V power supply, battery charge indicator, display backlight.

The Octane Tester SX-200 is recommended for the use at filling stations, petroleum refineries, Custom-houses, environmental and supervisory organizations, electric power stations as a portable universal device to control fuel and oil quality.


Technical specifications of Octane Tester SHATOX SX-200

Parameter description Value
Measurement range of octane numbers (ON), ON units 40-120
Acceptable limit of octane number measurement basic error, ON units (max) 0.5
Limit of acceptable difference between parallel octane number measurements, ON units (max) ±0.2
Measurement range of cetane numbers (CN), CN units 20-100
Acceptable limit of cetane number measurement error, CN units (max) ±1.0
Limit of acceptable difference between parallel cetane number measurements, CN units (max) ± 0.5
Motor oil purity level measurement range, % max 95
Acceptable limit of motor oil purity level measurement error, % max 0.1
Limit of acceptable difference between parallel motor oil purity level measurements, % max 0.01
Fuel and oil dielectric conductivity measurement range, units 1-5
Acceptable limit of dielectric conductivity measurement error, units (max) 0.001
Limit of acceptable difference between parallel dielectric conductivity measurements, units (max) 0.001
Transformer oil disruption voltage measurement range, kV 5-100
Acceptable limit of transformer oil disruption voltage measurement error, kV (max) 1
Limit of acceptable difference between parallel transformer oil disruption voltage measurements, V (max) 0.2
Transformer oil dielectric dissipation measurement range, % 0.01-5
Acceptable limit of transformer oil dielectric dissipation measurement error, % 0.01
Limit of acceptable difference between parallel transformer oil dielectric dissipation measurements, units (max) 0.001
Measurement time, s 1-5
Threshold of low battery voltage indication, V 5.4
overall dimensions
  • Sensor, mm
  • Electronic unit, mm


60 х 100
211 х 100 х 45

Mass of octanemeter, gr 680
Mean-time-between-failures, hour (min) 1000

The delivery package of Octane Meter SX-200 consists of the following components:

  • Electronic unit;
  • Sensor;
  • Sample imitator;
  • User manual;
  • RS 232 computer connecting cable;
  • Software CD;
  • Tool canvas bag.