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Parameter Description According
Measurement of octane level. Research (RON), motor (MON) method.
Anti Knocking Index AKI (Pump octane number PON).
ASTM D 2699-86, ASTM D 2700-86.
Measurement of cetane level. Simultaneously with cetane number the type and temperature of hardening of diesel fuel is defined. ASTM D 4737-03, ASTM D 613, EN ISO 5165.
Measurement freezing-point of diesel fuel. It is defined depending on cetane numbers of diesel fuel. Facultative parameter.
Measurement type of diesel fuel. Type of diesel fuel. (S-summer, W-winter, A-arctic) is defined depending on temperature of hardening. Facultative parameter.

Octane Meter is developed in Petroleum Chemisorption Institute of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science. The fuel quality analyzer Octane Meter is intended for evaluation of the type of gasoline, and determination its octane number. The Octane Meter also determines the cetane number of diesel fuel.
Equally good the Octane Meter measures the parameters of the leaded and unleaded gasoline, as well as the gasoline with different additives. 10 seconds is the maximum time to detect the type of gasoline at the worst conditions (cold start). The entire process is automated - the operator only needs to fill the sensor with the gasoline, turn on the instrument, and write down the results from the display.
The Octane Meter is simple in use, and does not require regular adjustments and special maintenance. The use of the Octane Meter eliminates the human factor during the quality estimation of the oil products. It's recommended to use the instrument at petroleum storages, filling stations, customs houses, and for the check of the samples in gasoline production lines.
The measurement principle of the octane level is based on a comparative analysis between the paraMeters of the analyzed gasoline and the reference gasoline paraMeters stored in the microprocessor's memory.
The design of the instrument and the measurement algorithm provides a high-level noise immunity and, as a result, a stable measurement. During gasoline blending octane level can be controlled within the range from 40 to 120. There is an option to adjust the instrument for a nonstandard fuel, for example, natural (gaseous condensate) or virgin gasoline. An advanced user can perform such an adjustment without assistance of the instrument maker.


  • Inaccuracy of repeated measurements does not exceed 0.5 unit of octane level.   

  • Absolute error, determined by comparison the Octane Meter indications and indications of stationary instrument in the laboratory environment does not exceed 0.5 unit of octane level.   

  • Octane Meter was registered in public register ( 33552-2007 certification № 26305) and permitted for use in Russian Federation based on the positive results of the tests.

Octane Meter SX-100M

Octane Meter SX-100M in comparison with the base model has: more durable case, more integral parameters of the gasoline and diesel fuel types, four line LCD which displays at the same time the octane number of the analyzed sample by research and motor methods, and temperature of the sample. Cetane number and freezing temperature (as option) is displayed during the analysis of diesel fuel.

Octane Meter SX-100M has 6 modes of operation, 3 of them are general:

  1. the base mode, for the determination of the ON of standard gasoline;
  2. the mode for the analysis of low octane gasoline produced by blending, and also for gasoline with the 95 octane number;
  3. for the analysis of the cetane number of diesel fuel.

Because the octane and cetane number are determined by estimation of integral content of the fuel sample, indications of Octane Meter can be different for two gasoline samples of the same type but produced by different manufacturer. For this Octane Meter SX-100M has 3 additional modes that are analogous with the first three, but are intended for making corrections by the user. At the same time the user corrected algorithm is stored in the memory of octanemeter after it is switched off.

The delivery package of Octane Meter Shatox SX-100M consists of the following components:

Also Octane Meter SX-100K with port through which the instrument can be connected to a computer is developed.

The electron circuit is made from European and Japanese details. The case of Octane Meter - K and Octane Meter SX-100M is made from shock-proof and gasoline-proof polystyrene. The instrument is powered from AA batteries, and because of low voltage it is electrically safe.

  • Electronic unit;
  • Sensor;
  • Sample imitator;
  • User manual;
  • Tool canvas bag;

Advantages of octane/cetane analyzers SHATOX:

  • More comprehensive and accurate analysis of petroleum products;

  • Accuracy of repeated measurements is 0.5 octane number unit;

  • Absolute error is close to one of stationary unit, and not more than 0.5 octane number unit;

  • Analyses gasoline with any additives, including metal knockers, ethers, amines, and others;

  • New powerful microchip for rapid and accurate result processing;

  • Displays RON, MON and Anti Knocking Index AKI (RON+MON)/2 at the same time;

  • Analyzes cetane number, diesel fuel type and freezing temperature;

  • WINDOWS 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP Compatible;

  • Saves analysis results in nonvolatile RAM;

  • Accurate measurement correction with digital thermometer according to the temperature of the sample;

  • Simple in use;

  • Small volume of sample;

  • Low cost of analysis;

  • Compactness and portability;

  • Impact-resistant, solvent-resistant, tight case;

  • 4 row LCD with backlight and resistant to low temperatures;

  • Battery charge indicator;

  • Low voltage power supply;

  • External power supply unit.

  • The instrument surpasses by its capabilities other Octane Meters because it allows to measure gasoline with any additives including metal-detonation, ether, amine, etc (except ferrocene).

Technical characteristics

Parameter description Value
Types of controlled fuel all types of gasoline
Range of measured octane level 40-120
Range of measured cetane level 20-100
Measurement inaccuracy of octane number 0,5
Measurement inaccuracy of cetane number 1
Data display digital
Time of measurement, sec below 10
Consumption current, mA 30
Time of continuous running with one set of batteries, hour 100
Operation temperature range -100С…+40 0С
Relative humidity, % 30…..80
Atmosphere pressure, kPascal 64…..106
Dimension, mm:
  • sensor;
  • electronic module

60 х 100
211 x 100 x 45
Weight, gr 680
Mean-time-between-failures, hour >1000