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Parameter Description According
Measurement of octane level. Research (RON), motor (MON) method.
Anti Knocking Index AKI (Pump octane number PON).
ASTM D 2699-86, ASTM D 2700-86.
Measurement of cetane level. Simultaneously with cetane number the type and temperature of hardening of diesel fuel is defined. ASTM D 4737-03, ASTM D 613, EN ISO 5165.
Measurement freezing-point of diesel fuel. It is defined depending on cetane numbers of diesel fuel. Facultative parameter.
Measurement type of diesel fuel. Type of diesel fuel. (S-summer, W-winter, A-arctic) is defined depending on temperature of hardening. Facultative parameter.

Portable octane analyzer is used for instant octane rating of motor gasoline, corresponding to motor and research methods (RON and MON) as well as for cetane number of diesel fuels. In addition for an inquiries, temperature rating of the analyzed liquid and diesel fuel solidification is provided. The results of measuring are displayed on the LCD.

The operational principle of the Octane Meter lies in gasoline octane rating and diesel fuel cetane rating based on the analysis of change of properties of an dielectric permeability and electromagnetic induction.

Octane analyzer has the portable compact design and is used for on-line inspection of motor fuel quality in the field and laboratory conditions. The operating conditions of the Octane analyzer usage: ambient temperature from –10C to +30C, relative humidity 80% at 25 C, atmosphere pressure 84-106kPa. The device gets power from DC elements of type AA (supply voltage 6V). 

Advantages of Octanemeter SX-100K

  • You can take measurements and make the measurement table in Microsoft Excel format which include the information about sample at the same time;

  • The correction of the measurment become much easier;

  • The information about the work of octane tester, correction, and measurment data are display on the screen of the computer;

  • Capability to update fuel parameters database (make an individual measurement program for customer needs).

Technical characteristics

Parameter description Value
Types of controlled fuel all types of gasoline
Range of measured octane level 40-120
Range of measured cetane level 20-100
Measurement inaccuracy of octane number 0,5
Measurement inaccuracy of cetane number 1
Data display digital
Time of measurement, sec below 10
Consumption current, mA 30
Time of continuous running with one set of batteries, hour 100
Operation temperature range -100С…+40 0С
Relative humidity, % 30…..80
Atmosphere pressure, kPascal 64…..106
Dimension, mm:
  • sensor;
  • electronic module

60 х 100
211 x 100 x 45
Weight, gr 680
Mean-time-between-failures, hour >1000

The delivery package of Octane Meter Shatox SX-100K consists of the following components:

  • Electronic unit;
  • Sensor;
  • Sample imitator;
  • User manual;
  • RS 232 computer connecting cable;
  • Software CD;
  • Tool canvas bag;